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new Normal.

same commitment to you.

Historically, dental offices are of the safest professional environments to prevent transmission of disease due to our superb training in infection control. However, with Covid-19 here to stay, we have updated our protocols for an even safer environment.


At The Hamptons Dentist, we have secured a generous supply of masks (N95, KN95, Level 3, etc.), disposable and reusable gowns, and face shields. We have invested in intraoral HVE systems to help reduce aerosol. We have placed tabletop air filtration systems in each operatory, as well as the installation of the award winning REME HALO System into our HVAC to continually filter the air in the entire office. Additionally, we have added a fogger to our disinfecting protocols between patients, with the use of the Eco One Electrolyzed Water System to formulate Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Cleaner & Disinfectant.

For more information about the award winning REME HALO, please follow this link to an informational video:


For more information about Hypochlorous Acid, please follow this link:

Our office has been remodeled to provide a safer, more efficient environment for both our staff and our patients. The remodel has included the installation of a washer and dryer for scrubs, reusable lab coats, etc., which never leave the office.  We have separated our lab and the sterilization area to further prevent any cross-contamination.

Social distancing protocols have been put in place, and only one patient is being scheduled per provider at any given time. Temperatures are taken on everyone entering the building, and masks are required to be worn by anyone not undergoing dental treatment.


We look forward to a time when we can greet our patients again with a smile and a handshake!


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